Nursing Diagnoses in Heart Failure: Integrative Review

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Daniele Melo Sardinha
Leila de Massena e Neiva Assis
Alexsandro Soares Amoedo
Katia Regina de Oliveira Gonçalves
Renato Hugo Dias Melo
Cassia Andreia Silva Lima
Jessica da Silva Ferreira
Jaqueline Cristina da Silva Belém
Jaqueline Dantas Neres Martin
Gabriel Fazzi Costa
Aurenice Monteiro Pinto Gualdez
Alziney Simor


Heart Failure is characterized by a complex clinical syndrome in which the myocardium has an inability to adequately pump blood to meet tissue metabolic needs, or can do so only at high filling pressures. Thus, the aim of this study is to describe the Nursing Diagnostics in patients with Cardiac Failure described in the scientific literature. It is a descriptive, exploratory study, with a qualitative approach, in the modality Integrative Literature Review. In Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences and PubMed databases, including original articles, case studies and systematic review, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, published from 2014. Tabulation was used for data collection and analysis. Seven articles were searched and the following nursing diagnoses were highlighted: Harmful Comfort; Acute Pain; Disposition to Improve Comfort; Decreased Cardiac Output; Excessive Liquid Volume; Ineffective Respiratory Pattern; Intolerance to Activity; Fatigue; Anxiety; Sexual Dysfunction; Disabled Knowledge; Ineffective Cardiopulmonary Tissue Perfusion. It was concluded that heart failure is a complex pathology and that the use of the systematization of nursing care only enhances the quality of service and benefits the patient, because from the nursing diagnostcs it is possible to prescribe evidence-based interventions.

Heart failure, nursing diagnosis, nursing care.

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Sardinha, D. M., Neiva Assis, L. de M. e, Amoedo, A. S., Gonçalves, K. R. de O., Melo, R. H. D., Lima, C. A. S., Ferreira, J. da S., Belém, J. C. da S., Martin, J. D. N., Costa, G. F., Gualdez, A. M. P., & Simor, A. (2020). Nursing Diagnoses in Heart Failure: Integrative Review. Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal, 9(2), 1-9.
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