Long Radial Sheath for Angiography of Femoral Artery Large Sheath Access Site with Vascular Closure Devices

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Takeshi Onizuka
Ganesh Raveendran
Carmelo J. Panetta


Radial access combined with hemodynamic support has the limitation of not allowing adequate angiography or delivery of peripheral balloons for managing the femoral access site after removal of the large femoral sheath.  We present a case series with use of a novel long 6 French guiding sheath via left radial artery access for angiography of the femoral access site after removal of a large sheath for left ventricular assist device with vascular closure devices.

Long radial sheath, angiography, femoral artery, ventricular assist device

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Onizuka, T., Raveendran, G., & Panetta, C. J. (2021). Long Radial Sheath for Angiography of Femoral Artery Large Sheath Access Site with Vascular Closure Devices. Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal, 10(1), 41-45. https://doi.org/10.9734/ca/2021/v10i130162
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