Predictive Role of Cardiac Troponin I, Creatine Kinase-Mb and Electrocardiogram in Early Assessment of Acute Cardiotoxicity in Patients Poisoned by Cardiotoxic Drugs and Toxins

Maha A. Hilal, Sharaf E. D. Mahmoud, Meray M. Shokry, Ahmed M. Said

Page: 18-30
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Clinical Representativeness of the PARADIGM-HF Study in an Outpatient Cohort of Patients with Heart Failure, Including Chagas Disease, Treated According to Guideline-directed Medical Therapy: Prospective Study, in a Single Center in Brazil

Rose Mary Ferreira Lisboa da Silva, Paulo Vitor Chaves Garcia, Elaine Kimie Iwayama Ikematu

Page: 38-45
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An analysis of Atrioventricular Canal Defect (AVCD) in Children in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria, West Africa

P. N. Tabansi, B. E. Otaigbe

Page: 46-56
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Balloon Mitral Valvotomy in Gestational Women with Symptomatic Mitral Stenosis

Prem Krishna Anandan, Arun Kaushik, K. Tamilarasu, G. Rajendran, Shanmuga Sundaram, P. Ramasamy, R. B. Vidyakar

Page: 1-7
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Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic Findings in Patients Older than 60 Years: A One Year Pilot Study

Ajala Aisha Oluwabunmi, Bell-Gam Hope Ilanye

Page: 8-17
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Protective Effects of Thymus schimperi and Moringa stenopetala Leaf Extracts on Arterial Blood Pressure and Urine Protein Level in Pre-eclampsia Rat Models

Kumlachew Mergiaw, Yoseph A. Mengesha, Tesfaye Tolessa, Eyasu Makonnen, Solomon Genet, Abiy Abebe, Kidist Gebreyesus, Ashenif Tadele, Asfaw Debella, Demeke Ashencho

Page: 31-37
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