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2020 - Volume 9 [Issue 2]

Tachycardiomyopathy: Clinical Profile, Treatment and Outcome of a Series of Clinical Cases

Rose Mary Ferreira Lisboa da Silva, Sara Magro Borigato, Ítala Ferreira de Jesus, Giovanni Oliveira Carvalho, Mariana Alves Gomes, Raissa Alves Pinto Moura, Isabella Capobiango Rodrigues

Page: 16-20
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Stuck Mitral Valve with Thromboembolic Stroke Managed with Anticoagulation and Mechanical Thrombectomy

Akshat Jain, Gurkirat Singh, Aniruddha Kaushik, Rahul Singla, Narendra Omprakash Bansal

Page: 10-15
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Nursing Diagnoses in Heart Failure: Integrative Review

Daniele Melo Sardinha, Leila de Massena e Neiva Assis, Alexsandro Soares Amoedo, Katia Regina de Oliveira Gonçalves, Renato Hugo Dias Melo, Cassia Andreia Silva Lima, Jessica da Silva Ferreira, Jaqueline Cristina da Silva Belém, Jaqueline Dantas Neres Martin, Gabriel Fazzi Costa, Aurenice Monteiro Pinto Gualdez, Alziney Simor

Page: 1-9
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Erythrocyte Membrane and Plasma Fatty Acids Composition in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease Requiring Percutaneous Angioplasty

Takeshi Arita, Taku Yokoyama, Mitsuhiro Fukata, Toru Maruyama, Seira Hazeyama, Shiro Mawatari, Takehiko Fujino, Koichi Akashi

Page: 21-30
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Sex Differences in Patients Hospitalized for Syncope: Experience in University Hospital of Middle-income Country and with a Predominance of Chagasic Etiology

Rose Mary Ferreira Lisboa da Silva, Jéssica Silva de Paula, Daniela Tereza Gonçalves Manso, Gabriela Veloso de Freitas, Marcelo Augusto Antunes de Carvalho, Paulo Victor Alves Pinto, Pollyanna Antônia Duarte Vitor, Leonardo Roever

Page: 31-41
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